several colourde briks  ( 2000 pieces ) for the old city hall of Baarn ( the netherlands )






clouds,  design Sv v Bakel , for city of Den Bosch, "clouds were vacuum sealed, containing Brabants  grass air .  made by KCT  ( 1200 pieces ) ( the netherlands )





Tulpen vaas design David Graas,  gold glaze, by KCT 





"money vase " The vase is made with  a black porcelain ,

developed by KCT . Limeted serie,s ( 50 ) in black and platinum glaze.   design Kris Kabel.







The Housevase   Manita Kieft   made by  KCT. end of year gift , limited serie ( 400 pieces )





















 Tille tableau made in commission for the city of Jangzhon ( China) tile,s are designed by KCT, and represent new and old dutch landmarks,   complete with 25 plates as gift.







soft clock Kiki v Eijk   by KCT




 2006  ted noten  by KCT ( limited editions )